Parachute Design Lesson

Parachute Design Lesson

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Parachute Design

Parachute Design lesson was one of the best experiences. Today at Lady Rocket Fundation  we had a Lesson that we the children loved. It was the Straw Rocket Lesson. This was not included in the original curriculum, but was easy and a lot of fun.

We have also finished the NASA curriculum with our students. We ended with the “Parachute Design” lesson. Just look at a video of their landings!

Planetary Pasta Rover!

We also completed the “Planetary Pasta Rover” (see photo) and “Touchdown” lessons. The students enjoyed them all and they became very relevant to the students as the Mars Insight Mission is about to land on Mars – November 26th. We will have a little celebration and watch a video of the landing on that day. The landing will take place while they are in school, so we will watch it when we visit with them that afternoon.

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