Los Angeles



CALIFORNIA SPACE CENTER in Los Angeles, California is an entertainment center for you and your family to experience the thrill of space travel. View the launch of majestic rockets up close and personal.

Space Facility

CALIFORNIA SPACE CENTER is a spectacular new facility that is devoted to elevating the space quest for the United States space program. Founded by Eva Blaisdell, a female entrepreneur who has devoted the last few years of her life to conceive and create the facility, she now offers her site for all to experience the thrills of space travel.

Excitement of Space Travel

Located near the Vandenberg Air Force Base where majestic rockets from NASA™, SpaceX™, and the United Launch Alliance™ take off on a regular basis. CALIFORNIA SPACE CENTER unites these companies in one exciting location. Visitors have the ability to enjoy the view of rocket launches and the unprecedented experience of living in space, visiting Mars, viewing avatars of the famous astronauts, and spectacular concerts, all integrated with the rocket launch to deliver a new form of space entertainment.