Create a Lasting Value and Empower

Lady Rocket Mission

Create a Lasting Value and Empower

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Hello dear Astronauts, Lady Rocket from Four Seasons, Los Angeles Westlake. This is a message to my friends in blockchain cryptocurrency industry. Listen in order to create a lasting value and empower blockchain to be what it can be for us – Humanity, we have to transform our roles from financiers. Traders brokers miners into becoming blockchain industrialists. What do I mean by that? Well I am a Space Enterpreneur and I invest in the Space Endeavors – quite complex and difficult like California Space Center. All the way to my Space Fashion and Space Cosmetics and Space Biomed. I believe that we need to build new industries using blockchain and dedicated cryptocurrency in order to engage also the rest of the society and build lasting value beyond speculation and financial forecasts. From Lady Rockets location, my round table at the Four Seasons, Westlake. Lady rocket and greetings to my company space astronauts copernic space is a industrial cryptocurrency, which will help build new American space program and get us back to moon? Yes! Let’s go back to the moon before Chinese and the Russians beat us. Lady Rocket with all the love from California, Los Angeles, Four Seasons, bye bye

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