Copernic Cryptocurrency Released

Copernic Cryptocurrency Released

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Copernic Cryptocurrency, the preferred payment method for the Space Economy and related products, services, and assets. Copernic is the token representing the ownership of space related IP, assets, products, services, and the vehicle to transfer value and rights within the Space Ecosystem, Central Marketplace for all space related products, services, and assets.

Today, on 11th of November 2018 Copernic Team has released Copernic Cryptocurrency as Ethereum ERC20/223 compliant Token. This day marks also exactly 100 years of Polish Independence and we can celebrate.

Copernic Cryptocurrency on Etherscan

With the release of 40MM Tokens, we begin our private “Astronauts” funding round.


  1. $5M for “Astronauts” with 50% BONUS
  2. $10M “Invite-only” with 20% BONUS
  3. $10M “Late-comers and Returning Investors” with 5% BONUS



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