Blockchain Live 2018 – Copernic Team

Blockchain Live 2018

Blockchain Live 2018 – Copernic Team

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Today Copernic Team visited Blockchain Live 2018 event in Olympia/London. We had a great opportunity to talk to investors, VCs, startups and blockchain companies around cryptocurrencies, gaming, supply chains, music sharing and many other great projects.

Blockchain Live 2018 gathered around 3000+ people interested in blockchain and DLT. We had an opportunity to see new ideas and startups. Some of them creating art on blockchain services. Some creating music on blockchain. Others collaboration platforms. All of them like a dispersed pieces of a single platform – Copernic. Because our plan is to build a Space Economy for sharing IP, real-world items and digital content in one single place.

We also talked with investors and VCs, met with Angel Investors platforms to see what is their reaction to Copernic. Everyone was concerned about Space like an overwhelming subject. After a minute or two, everyone understood the Economy part behind Copernic. Impressed by the idea and the broad audience already gathered around the project, this was the confirmation we needed to enforce our plans and move forward to the first “Astronauts” round of investments.

Blockchain Live 2018 venue

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