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Eva Gajewska Blaisdell is a Los Angeles based Space and Media entrepreneur and visionary investor. Originally from Warsaw, Ms. Blaisdell immigrated to the US where she completed graduate and post-graduate studies and began her career in technology.  Ms. Blaisdell held prominent positions for Convergent Technologies and HP/Compaq on both US and European soil, advancing to President and General Manager of the European market in addition to launching her mobile media company AngelMobile out of Monte Carlo with the support of Monaco, French and Italy Telecom.

Eva Blaisdell’s great fervor and experience is now focused on her quest to direct America back to its dominance, courage and passion in Space, and so she has aptly been branded “Lady Rocket.”

This space quest began in the City of Lompoc, where she first developed her vision for California Space Center. Partnerships were forged and relationships developed with major space and and industry leaders. The Space Defense and Technology Round Table Mixer was sponsored by Ms. Blaisdell in Silicon Valley and Warsaw. Along with Space Art events.

Startups currently under development by Lady Rocket include Space Bio-Med, Space Fashion, Space AI, blockchain platform and Copernic Space (space cryptocurrency), NASA-based Beauty and Space Cosmetics, and Space 3D. Her California Space Center vision has grown from a land-based venture to one poised to take advantage of Virtual Reality content and multiple real-estate holdings. She is a sought after guest, speaking about blockchain and cryptocurrency and the new space ecosystem.

Ms. Blaisdell is also passionate about youth and education. Lady Rocket is mentoring college and high school students in their entrepreneurial endeavors, and has judged several business pitch competitions.

Lady Rocket Foundation, founded by Ms. Blaisdell, started the Entrepreneurship and Space Innovation Program and has organized multiple events for the Boys and Girls Club.  She is also connecting youth not only from different areas in California, but internationally as well, spearheading the One Space Lompoc-Ukmerge collaboration.

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Kevin John Goff

October 10, 2018 at 2:39 pm

Wonderful, fascinating and mind-blowing possibilities! Bravo to the California Space Center!


Kevin John Goff

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